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Nov 18, 2012 2:00am PST
. this is the current zoning within western soma and you can sees since this was put in place in the plan and harrison street on the middle is essentially the spine. there is a somewhat different character north and south of harrison street that is strongly related to the presence of the freeway which somewhat kind of disconnects the neighborhood there. all of these districts are what are considered soma mixed use districts, and generally north of harrison street where you see a lot -- on this map at least, yellows and greens, but generally mixed use and includes housing and south of harrison street where you have sli primarily housing is extremely limited only to affordable housing and then the far north east corner near fourth and tal mar you have several blocks here sso which is zoned office. the resolution the board of supervisors passed instructing the task force to under go this plan asked them to use the existing zoning as the base. it wasn't looking to necessarily reinvent the wheel or create new districts and that's what the task force came up with and the same philosophy in terms of harr
Nov 19, 2012 1:30am PST
is a obviously a big deal. it's generally permitted everywhere north of harrison street and the enclave districts and the neighborhood commercial district all permit residential housing. south of harris street except for in the few enclave districts and alleys housing is not permitted so that's this alley and the wmuo. in terms of retail it's permitted in rad and you get more flexibility with it and with retail. there are limits to the size and kind ofs retail and restaurants or bars and general retear and varies by district and there is a size limitation in any district in the planned area. in terms of office it is prohibited complete in the sally. currently had there is a small provision that allows work space professionals to be permitted but it's restrictive. i'm not aware of any projects that used that provision and the office is not permitted in the sally but principally allowed in the wmou and it's as office district. within the commercial districts on ninth, tenth and folsom one story of office is permitted and right now there is none on harrison street and it's only all
Nov 16, 2012 9:30pm PST
on harrison street and it's only allowed in the wmoug in the enclave districts and landmark or article 10 or 11 buildings. pdr and arts -- like a lot of districts in the city. most pdr uses are permitted as a right except in the rad except with the exceptions of some of the uses that are allowed in pdr1 and pdr2. arts activities and allowed in many districts? the city and. >> >> and in western soma protecting the arts is a big deal and generally committed throughout the planned area especially within the sally district. again this goes to the split height, the way that you chief the additional height in sally is dedicate one story in the building to permanent arts activity use and whichever story you dedicate is 15 feet high so you get the extra 15 feet that way. night time entertainment -- currently not permitted in the district but as a conditional use in the sso and a small amount of the planned area. under the new zoning it would become principally permitted within the sally and the wmo districts except in the 200-foot buffers in the enclave districts and that opens up land that
Nov 16, 2012 10:00pm PST
of harrison street. every club that currently exists is guaranteed rights to continue to exist forever. no dangers that we will lose any of the existing night clubs. stronger building code standards are written into the plan and placed the burden of sound proofing for venues. clubs as kobe mentioned will have the rights to expand. would change the club to allow non conforming status to continue on even beyond the demolition of the current building and continue that entertainment use after new construction is completed. we allow all forms of entertainment for expansion in the new area south of harrison street. it's just a logical extension of the purposes of the sally zoning district to have the service and light industrial uses with the prohibition of housing units it seems like a natural extension if the entertainment industry does need to expand sally seems like it's the place for that to occur. i'm sorry. we also welcome entertainment to be part of the folsom street commercial corridor through limited live performance. we don't increase residential capacity along 11 ethstree
Nov 18, 2012 2:30am PST
construction at corner of 11th and harrison street just before it was ready to open it burned down to the foundation. the 1990 rezoning is predicated on opening south of market up to a denser residential population. you hear the same thing all the time, and that is a foundation of the current western soma community plan before you. we were actually given some pretty firm numbers of residential units that we should produce, and in fact in the eir we even created a higher growth alternative at director's ram's request to meet a higher threshold because the original eastern neighborhoods proposal for our area did not reach that kind of a goal. entertainment at the same time in the 1990 rezoning was recognized as something that was worth preserving. preservation is the key word here. entertainment community is worried about losing their clubs and that is the further thing from our minds is to threaten any of the existing clubs. entertainment was grandfathered in. that means it's here now. it's here to stay. residential became as of right and that's throughout the entire south o
Nov 23, 2012 9:30pm PST
, so 2a essentially -- basically take all the properties here from harrison to folsom and zone those as sally and that is the only change and what that would do the night time entertainment uses that are there would be legal uses and new night time entertainment uses are permitted and no new residential uses are personalitied and the ones that are there would be legal non conforming uses and important note. sally even though it doesn't have the name of pdr district is essentially a pdr housing and doesn't allow housing or office but allows other things, and this gives you look at 2a option. so 2b is essentially the same thing except jumping folsom street to capture the two corner lots. one reason is because one of the existing -- it's vacant but existing night time intraim entertainment location is on the north corner there and see the club and there is another varant taking it across folsom street and 2c is basically doing the same thing, rezoning the corridor to sally, but also taking the two alleys on either side of the corridor and taking the existing residential lots and sof
Nov 16, 2012 6:30pm PST
to introduce and to introduce karen harrison who is also receiving this award tonight. karen harrison is a registered nurse and clinic manager at the native american indian center in oakland and a member from a tribe here in california. she started out as a medical assistant in 1985 with the native american health center and went on to get her registered nurse degree so she's been with the health center for 27 years and 21 of those years she has been a registered nurse. [applause] karen has greatly contributed to the native american health center and sharing her knowledge and wisdom with the whole agency and this goes out to the community as well and serves as a chair on the advisory community and board member of the friendship house and coached american indian children in the tribal athletics program and known as the coworkers as the patient whisperer and when there is a patient that is angry or agitated she is always successful in calming them down. she is a mother and her with her family tonight. can all her kids wave? and she is here with her sister and lots of friends and now
Nov 16, 2012 6:00pm PST
the eagle staff at this time. be shout out to larry harrison for taking care of our eagle staff. you maybe seated. calling up to the podium at this time michael lupdtin and vice president of the marketing and branding for this station. >> hi everyone. can you hear me? hello everyone. i am from kqmd and i wanted to welcome you to this eighth annual indian heritage celebration. we are honored to be honoring four heroes from the community who have tirelessly worked throughout the year to provide the kind of service that admissible media is about and engaged community and robust heritage is about. nominated by community leaders they have worked at the grass-roots level and share the highest values we all share. as a public supported media organization we are committed to this and in november we are celebrating american heritage indian month with special programs on our television channels including kqed and plus and world. many are provided by native american public television which is actually an organization that produces indian producers and countries with partnership with public te
Nov 26, 2012 1:00pm PST
, harrison and so on that kind of formed the major street grid. some of these blocks are rather large, some of the largest in the city, so 5 25 i think 800 something feet. and theme got miniature neighborhoods in them because they're affected by so-called alley ways because the traffic volumes on those big streets, a lot of the neighborhood life, pedestrian life, the place where kids play, those sorts of things happen on those alley ways. so, kind of a goal hereof could we reclaim those streets? could we rebalance the transportation system? so it wasn't looking just at the needs of through traffic, but that it also serve better neighborhood needs and supported sustainable transportation modes, better walking, cycling, and public transit. so, could we rebalance those major streets and also protect the alley ways? so, this is basically our transportation schema. it's tied very closely to land use. as jim mentioned we didn't do what's happened in other neighborhood plans, which is do all the land use planning and try to figure out the transportation planning later. we needed these things integ
Nov 7, 2012 7:30pm PST
well, when we were in san francisco, we met a lawyer, harrison shepherd, who's making quite a national reputation for himself, because he is coming out to say that the legal profession has it all wrong, that instead of being a profession that is fighting, that is constantly suing, that is constantly creating tension and conflict in society, what lawyers are meant to do is to understand those ethical patterns of action, see how conflicts can be resolved, and in fact, he goes so far as to say that the legal profession, essentially, is a spiritual practice. pretty far afield, but i thought, you know, why don't we do a shocker- imagine having a lawyer speak about his profession as a spiritual practice. so if we could, let's just take a few minutes and listen to harrison shepherd, our lawyer friend in san francisco. >> you know, originally, traditionally, there were three professions. there were three professions- they were the professions of theology- the clergy; the profession of medicine- the doctors; and the profession of law. and these three professions, what it means to be
Nov 19, 2012 2:30am PST
development in this area in western soma, and if you take housing off the table west of harrison then you're going to leave a vast number of lots that are right now parking lots, car lots, or under lose used -- facilities and could be housing down the line. as i recall the housing was going to be about 6,000 plus units and now 6,000 plus 200 units. it's not addressing the needs of the mid-market workers and those people that want to live close to housing. the other thing i wanted to bring up which wasn't mentioned here is hotels. i know cory and jim worked long and hard on this and i know hotels is a peripheral component but it's a major employer in san francisco and there are programs at san francisco state and city college and right now the hotels are restricted to 75 rooms and 25 along folsom and frankly it's just not going to have many hotels built under those restrictions. in fact i would suggest probably none and i think the hotel rooms count need to go beyond townsend and clear need for it. there is not enough in the city and major employer and where you get jobs and no hotel
Nov 23, 2012 10:00pm PST
are permitted in the proposed plan south of harrison it fails to adequately support the viability of the area for the future entertainment of western soma. the citizen status as legal non conforming uses and continuation in the plan effectively treats these important stakeholders as an after thought. night time entertainment is prohibited in much of the area. it divides and relocated it rather than treating as assets in the community. i have learned to come and respect how professionally the businesses operate and how passionately they care about the community and the impact they have on the community around them and furthermore i am impressed with the work of the entertainment commission, the police department and leaders in the industry such as c mac and work tirelessly to make entertainment safe and accessible in san francisco. our commission has the power to cite, permit with condition, fine and suspend licenses to problematic venues and provides a direct path for residents and neighbors and anyone in the community to address concerns related to entertainment in every neighborhood. i
Nov 15, 2012 3:00pm PST
of harrison the idea is it would be opened up for night time entertainment use and unless we specifically made it conditional use on that corridor and for implementation purposes could be tricky, but as the options are before you it's permitted as a right. >> okay. i don't mind housing and maybe it's housing in these adjacency areas too and to approve with certain conditions like better sound proofing that could allow it to happen. i am concerned about the others and two and three and have the entire corridor to be night time entertainment with the other spaces. that would happen and have this one block concentration of entertainment uses, so i don't mind 2a and 2b, but i would at least like to see if it's expanded beyond the current uses and maybe cu and something now a restaurant within that district becomes an entertainment use. that's not done as of right but as a cu process but the one are there grand forthed in -- >> intl something along those lines. >> i would offer a few comments and i am confused by the optionses and i get the tone there is restrictive compared to other plans tha
Nov 7, 2012 6:00pm EST
harrison was here when all this was going down. >> reporter: he is referring to the order though evacuate. his alpha christian outreach ministries calls this building on charles street home. >> his church served 36,000 people over the past years. you can imagine when the water main break turned charles street into rapids -- >> it's a sad thing. >> reporter: charles parish owns the building. >> it's devastating for our families and the tenants. >> reporter: with a water main break this large it's not just the businesses and residents affected. a lady along with her hamsters had to leave the apartment. >> kind of freaking out. >> reporter: but everything is going to be okay for people living here. the city inspectors examined the building and said it's safe for now. baltimore, don harrison, abc2 news. >> this is a massive water main break. it's shutting down a big clunk of charles street. let's see how it will affect the commute tomorrow. >> it will not be fixed for quite some time. it's massive. it's 20 inches all together and that size could dpre as the repairs are underway. it's on north
Nov 8, 2012 6:00pm EST
's gone along with a child, a 7-year-old boy. >> don harrison has been break the news story. he spoke stot own are where it all went done. >> would never in my wildest dreams would think this would happen. >> reporter: she watched it happen in front of her daycare on fairview avenue. >> this was heartbreak. >> reporter: a father was dropping off his child at the children are a blessing from above daycare. he left the car running with his 7-year-old outside. he came back and his car and son were gone. he found his son not far away. he lives in the neighborhood and was shocked to hear what happened, but not surprised. >> the neighborhood has changed just a tad bit in the 10 years we've been here. >> reporter: she said it's by design she doesn't have a daycare sign in front of her house. she doesn't want to draw attention to it. >> sometimes when you do stuff like that, on the opposite side of my property it's a wooded hear. you don't know what would give them an idea. >>. somebody's trying to take care of their family and unfortunately, something like this happened. >> we're so grateful that
Nov 9, 2012 6:00pm EST
. don harrison is on the shore now with the latest on the chrisfield recovery effort. >> if you have had a crab cake here, there is a chance it came from a picking house in chrisfield. they have done so much for the state, now may need a little help in return. two weeks after sandy, chrisfield is feeling the e effects from the flood, the biggest in the town's 140 year history. >> we have 250 families that are in the state of isolation. >> pj, says the winds left the town devastated. >> we have been through the storm of the century, for us, we have seen tides and winds, not so much winds i guess, we had winds i believe, i honestly believe over 90 miles an hour, we recorded them up to 80 before we lost power. we had tides we had never seen before. >> with the devastation, a rebuild must follow. volunteers in big numbers, have stepped up. >> it reaffirms your faith in humanity to the fact that when people are in need, people who have come to help. >> businesses are hoping to be ready for the holidays. >> we will be ready for the public with all of the holiday merchandise and maybe they will
FOX News
Nov 9, 2012 12:00am PST
to a year in prison. the shocking story that shocked nobody. and finally should harrison ford return as hans solo in a new ""star"star wars"" movie? >>> let's welcome our guest. she is so cute that care bears are suing her for identity theft. screw you, care bears. i am here with author jedediah bila. and he voted for obama 16 times, but in a passport photo booth. it is comedian sherrod small. >> fans to make her dance. >> and in malaysia he is considered a coupon. it is my sidekick, bill schulz. and if fierce commentary was yoga i would do him on a rock at a mountain retreat. sitting next to me is gavin and miles' father. he is looking angry. >> a block, the lede. that's the first story. >> thank you for clarifying. i have been off for awhile. well president obama won re-election. >> yay. >> or did he? >> oh no. >> every news organization has called it except florida, an actual state who is tallying the numbers. with eight million votes the president holds a half a percent over mitt romney. to put that in perspective, that small. and election workers are hustling to count tens of thousands
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 327 (some duplicates have been removed)